The Windsors have elitist history of aristocracy tracing their royalty more than a thousand years back. This thousand plus year old house has ruled almost the entire world during different times in more than thousand years of its rich & varied heritage. A time travel through this 1000 year history is no less than a kaleidoscope of the world.

Theodoric (I), Slayer of the Slavs, born 916 A.D. founded what became known to the world as the most fashionable house of Windsor, Thereafter followed a medley of Royalty reigning throughout the lands of Europe & through them of the whole world. If you are an aficionado of Time travel, browse on to bless your sense of antiquity.

Augustus King of Poland, Windsor
Carl-Augustus,King of Germany & Hungary, Patron of Goether, Herder & Schiller, Windosrs
Charles Windsor, Prince of Wales, Future King of UK
Duchess Wilhelmina, Queen of the Dutch,Windsor
Earnst Elector of the Holy Roman Emperor,Windsor
Ferdinand(I), King of Bulgaria, Windsor
Fredrick-III,-Protector of Martin Luther, Windsor
Leopold-(I),King of Belgium, Windsor
Loissa Ulrika, Queen of Sweden, Windsor
Maria Da Gloria, Princess of Brazil & Queen of Portugal, Windsor
Maria Pavlovna, Grand Duchess of Russia, Windsor
Queen Victoria,Empress of the World, Windsors
Sophie Willem, Princess of Netherlands, Windsor
Theodric, Conqueror of the slaves, First Windsor
Queen Elizabeth Windsor Present Queen of UK

Wir, Ernst, Herzog zu Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, Jülich, Cleve und Berg, auch Engern und Westphalen, Landgraf in Thüringen, Markgraf zu Meißen, gefürsteter Graf zu Henneberg, Graf zu der Mark und Ravensberg, Herr zu Ravenstein und Tonna usw EARNEST ( I ), THE FOUNDER OF THE HOUSE OF Windsors, the reigning Haute couture deity of his European times, the style icon of 1800s…

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