London has many landmarks to its credit, foremost of them being the Windsors, the people who created the modern London. Windsors crafted the city of London as much as they crafted the world’s biggest ever empire on which the sun never set. However this huge British empire was not the only creation of the Windsors. Their universe was spread out far beyond…

The brand Windsor originated not in the Isles of Brittany but far out inside in the mainland of continental Europe. In the ravaged countrysides Couburg county of South Eastern Prussia arose a dynasty that was destined to rule over much of Europe and through them, over most of the world.

Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha never fought a war with anyone. They won people over with their style, setting trends of the values the Hi-Fashion house of Windsor London so hugely relishes. Their flamboyant display of colours in their insignia sharpely contrasted with the beastly shadification of their wear. They opposed everything that was a norm to set their own rules. What is called the formal wear of today’s modern era is a creation of their parochial mindset of accepting only what they thought was good as FAIR. The shades of grey, white & black that so vastly outnumber the corporate clothing are living testimonies of the power of the Windsor fashion

Changing faces of the Windsor Insignia

Present flag of the Windosrs

Heraldic shield of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

Insignia of the Russian Windsors

Coat of Arms of Windsor kings of Poland

Coat of arms of the Duchy of the Earnestines

Coat of arms of the Belgium Windsors

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