Windsor London is a Haute Coutre de Royale extra vaganza of high style, hi society attitude, elite aristocracy & loaded feudal nobility. It exemplifies lifestyle produce of pinnacle quality & heavenly exuberance. Our collections are categorized into Women Wear, Men Wear, Accessories (for Men & Women), Cosmetics, Gifts & Novelties & Corporate Ware. All categories routinely see seasonal ensembles launched almost every fall, winter, summer & autumn.

Whatever be the product or category, every line is independently handcrafted and carries the same seal of trust of Windsor historically. What’s more Windsor London does (now or ever) recycle its collection or discounts them, preserving value. There would hardly be a soul who would have seen brand Windsor London in any Discount store, cheap super market as it erodes our brand value & diminishes the snobbery that our aristocratic clientele associate us with.

Neither does Windsor London advertise. Not that it does not advertise, it does not need to advertise itself for those who deserve to know us, know us already. Those who do not know us presently do so because that condition is intended. Windsor London is not a mass market brand. Period! We do not wish to grow at the cost of diluting our hi-heritage. Period! For the last few centuries, it is Windsor who has always chosen its clients. It is we who decide as to who deserves to use us, not the other way around. Our buyers are limited because that’s the way the brand is supposed to be.

We are not seen around much not because being unseen is a virtue but because only the highest levels of Lords & Ladies can afford to remain unseen & still rule their worlds. We have ATTITUDE, you see, If you too have that You can be a part of our family & share the right to use our collections.



Attitudes of the Dames

You might be beautiful, You may be gorgeous but that doesn’t yet give you the right to Because flaunt the attitudes of nobility. Either you are born with it or you acquire it through Windsor to get that trademark snobbery.


Royal Beasts, Unbeatable, gentle.

Because aristocracy needs to be tough to win wars, yet gentle to manage the gentry. This subtle combination is acquired only through years of practice. Off course you can buy into Windsor London to flaunt one.


Pedigree of the connoisseurs

Pedigree comes with birth, like our accessories collection. Creating men & women of character. Your accessories will define your essence. That first glance counts. Let your second choices stand out as better than the firsts of others.


Glamour secrets of Victorians

Not for nothing was the queen Victoria the ruler of the world. Victorians had secrets. Some made them commonplace, Windsor London preserved them to reveal at the appropriate time. NOW! Get that cherished look. Get Windsor London!


Rule the minds.

Corporate comparisons are the ultimate battle of one up man ship where minds are mapped to mock the competition out of contests. To win you’re your competition, learn to control their minds. Woo clients more. Up the ante with Windsor London!


What London loves to give.

For centuries London has been the epitome of gifting value. Let all gift sundry mundane articles. Connoisseurs like you will gift a slice of history. Add the oomph! Gift the Windsor London name to your loved ones. They will love you more.

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